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No matter where you rest on the spectrum of spirituality – religious or secular, devout believer or chronic doubter, freelance mystic or borderline agnostic – this story is about the desire to shed what’s holding you back. With passion, humor, poetry, and raw honesty, Meggan provides what religion has left out – a way to lift the veils of your own fear and self-doubt to reveal your soul and find the Divine within.

  • Even as a little girl, Meggan Watterson knew the voices of women were missing from traditional religion.
  • She knew these voices had never been silenced, just buried, so she began a pilgrimage to uncover the presence of the Divine Feminine.
  • What she discovered along the way were not only the many stories, images, and voices of the Divine Feminine in world religions but also her own spiritual voice, the one veiled beneath years of fear and self-doubt.
  • Watterson found that there are countless women who long for a spirituality that encourages embodiment, that inspires them to abandon their fears but never themselves, and that shows them how to be led by the audacious and fiercely loving voice of truth inside them.

Are you one of these women?

Registration Open Through September 15

“In those moments when fear eclipses what we want most for our lives, it is crucial to be able to connect to the still, calm voice that has a tight grasp on our greatest potential. It takes discipline, spiritual sweat, and Divine pluck to connect to the unassuming voice of the truth inside us. It takes audacity and courage. This is such a crucial veil to lift. Are you loving you? Are you hearing the voice of love within you, your soul-voice, and believing it enough to act on its directives? This is what the practice of loving ourselves looks like: we do whatever we have to do to hear our soul’s voice and believe it. We believe it so much that we make our life about that encounter.” ― Meggan Watterson, Reveal: A Sacred Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked

More Information

What to expect? ➤ A reading schedule to help you stay organized ➤ Journal Prompts/Deepening Questions to help you explore the themes ➤ Weekly Inspiration Sharing post in The Radiant Tribe ➤ Monthly Calls for Unpacking and Exploring the Book, sharing your experiences, and connecting to other Sisters who are on the journey with you. Calls will be recorded and replay sent with a timeframe for viewing. ➤ Time and day of meetings will be set once registration closes on the 15th. We will do our best to create a schedule that accommodates a global community. ➤ Once you register you will receive an informational form, the links to purchase the book, and the reading schedule.  

Who is the book group open to? ➤Any person who identifies as female, is interested in exploring the Divine Feminine, and desires a deeper connection to living her truth  

I don't do Facebook, can I be part of the group? ➤Monthly calls are held via ZOOM ➤ Reminders and journal prompts are delivered via email to the email you register with ➤ The only part of the container on Facebook via The Radiant Tribe group are the inspirational posts ➤ So to sum it up, no you don't need to be on Facebook  

Is this really free? Are you going to try and get us to buy something? ➤ This book group is a free offering from Elisha Halpin/Wildly Radiant as part of our mission to build community, offer high level facilitation and teachings in a variety of ways, and provide opportunities for circling, support, and growth to ALL women. ➤ We will always share the information of our programs (paid and free) to our communities. We are committed to continually offering many types of programs and we trust the Sisters in our groups to choose what works best in their lives.  

I am not a big reader but I see there is an audiobook, can I participate this way? ➤Absolutely! In fact I would encourage every Sister with a busy life, a commute, who is an auditory learner, or who likes to maximize time to get the e-book and the audio versions.  


Elisha Clark Halpin is a teacher/coach/mentor who weaves sacred magic and neuroscience together to help women make transformational changes in life. Through the use of tools such as daily rituals, embodied movement practices, breath work, connecting to divine feminine power, and energy healing, Elisha facilitates women in a rebirthing of their wild, free, and whole Self. Her super powers include being able to see both the soul truth and root wounds that a woman needs to bring into integration and the ability to facilitate that process with love, lots of laughter, and joy. Elisha's work allows capacity to increase and resiliency to be developed in order to meet all of life with acceptance, balance, and compassion. She leads the online sister group The Radiant Tribe (check out our free facebook group) as well the mystery school/sister circle The Radiant Temple. Elisha is a Neurosculpting Mindfulness Teacher, Warrior Goddess Facilitator, Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator, Certified Energy Healer, Certified Yoga Instructor, Sacred Life Coach, Celtic Spirituality Facilitator for Women, and holds an MFA in Dance and Performance.


Megan Moore-Healer, Facilitator, and Teacher

Jennifer Flubacher-Administrator and Facilitator

Kaitlin Mausser- Administrator